** Custom Daily MA's with Daily Gap Finder System **

"Automatically Plots up to 4 Daily EMA's and 4 Daily SMA's and also Finds and Plots Daily Gap Levels"

The "Daily Moving Averages with Daily Gap Finder System" automatically plots the following:

1. Up to 4 daily EMA's with a length of your choosing (Default length settings 9, 50, 100 & 200).

2. Up to 4 daily SMA's with a length of your choosing (Default length settings 9, 50, 100 & 200).

3. The "Gap Finder" feature finds and plots only the most recent daily price gaps including both up and down gaps.

What makes this system unique, powerful and indispensable is that it was designed to show all of these plots on "Intra-Day Charts" below an aggregation of day or less.

You will find that price action reacts to these "Daily" EMA and SMA levels much stronger than intra-day MA's.

The Daily Gap Finder plots daily gaps and extends that gap through the right expansion area.

The Gap Finder also calculates all of the numbers of the gap (top price, bottom price & gap amt).

It also closes out the gap if price action closes the gap within 30 days.

As I am sure you know, gap fills and gap fill bounces are very powerful.



AMD daily chart with all 4 EMA's and all 4 SMA's

In the following examples I will turn off the SMA's

AMD daily chart with all 4 EMA's

AMD 5 minute chart (same gap but 5 minute time-frame)

note, only the 9 day EMA is in range

AMD 1 minute chart (same gap but 1 minute time-frame)

note, only the 9 day EMA is in range

X (US Steel) daily chart

note previous gaps closed out

X (US Steel) same gap, 4 hour chart

You get the idea

Now for the Custom Quote Watch List Column and Gap Scanner Bonus Features

Once you add the Custom Quote WL Column to your WL it will find stocks in your WL that have "current day" gaps

Not enough gaps for you to play?...NO PROBLEM

this system also comes with a custom TOS Gap Scanner

the algorithms used in both the WL column and the gap scanner are the same algos used in the chart Gap Finder

So, they all work together

Now let's take that one step further

You can open the gap scanner as a watch list and wallah, you have a WL with 100% gaps on the day


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the "Custom Daily MA's with Gap Finder"?
Once you enroll in this course we provide you with a complete outline on downloading, installing, and how to use the "Custom Daily MA's with Gap Finder".
How long do I have access to the Course/System?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like (including FREE updates to the system).
Can I use this study on forex, stocks, or futures?
As long as you are using the TD-Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim "Desktop Platform", this system can be applied to any charts of stocks, futures, or forex (does not translate to the TOS mobile app).
What if I am unhappy with the "Custom Daily MA's with Gap Finder"?
It has taken many hours to develop the "Custom Daily MA's with Gap Finder". Once you purchase the system, it is impossible to return it. For these reasons we do not offer a refund on the purchase. It is very unlikely that you will not LOVE this system.

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