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Elites Trading Program

Welcome to Boiler Room Trading's Elite Program. Let's be straightforward here, our elite trading program is very focused on options trading, Swing Trading, and in-depth technical analysis. This program is all in real-time, with live trading rooms and classes. Our Program focuses on bringing traders some of the best live stock and options trading, as well as live educational classes. Connor Pollifrone has teamed up with two veteran traders, Brandon Walsh & Dave Hahn to offer multiple avenues for learning the stock market. Our Elite Trading Program is focused primarily on mentoring traders. The Elite Trading program will consist of one live trading room and multiple weekly classes to help you guys develop as traders. NOTE: when you enroll in our elites program you get full access to our entire discord chatroom.

What can you expect to learn from the Elites program?

Large Cap trading, Option Trading, Swing Trading, Penny Stock Trading, Watch list Building, The whole nine!

How do we plan on teaching YOU!

Weekly Group Stock Trading Classes

Connor's Two Weekly Mentoring Classes

Brandon's Two Weekly Mentoring Classes

Dave's Two Weekly Option Mentoring Classes

So What Can You Expect To Learn From Each Of Your Mentors

Each mentor will specifically focus on teaching specific style of trading, our mentors have tremendous amount of insight into the market! You can expect to master penny stocks, large cap stocks, option trading, and swing trading. More specifically you will learn how to master technical analysis via our admin Brandon, how to master option trading, and the TD-Ameritrade think or swim option trading platform via Dave Hahn. Connor will help reinforce each aspect of the program.

What features does our elite program offer?

24 Hour Chatroom Access

Day Trading Room

Swing Trading Room

Option Trading Room

Daily Live Audio & Broadcast With Brandon (Team Large Cap Trader)

Stock Trading In real Time

Alerts, Entry, Exits

Hot Stock Watch List (Daily)

Penny Stocks

Large Cap Stocks

Earnings Plays

Various Option Trading Alerts & Set Ups

Puts & Calls



Bullish Call Spread

Bearish Put Spread

Butter Flys & MORE

Many of these options trades are very advanced strategies and may not fit your trading style, the program is designed to teach you the basics of options all the way to the complex strategies offered through options trading.

When you enroll in our program/course make sure to follow the course curriculum as it includes the directions to enter the live trading room, and mentoring classes!

We Intend on bringing on more features to this program as it becomes more developed and we hear more feed back from our members!!

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Boiler Room Trading Team
Boiler Room Trading Team

Meet Our Trading Team,

Connor Pollifrone

Founder of Boiler Room Trading - Specializes in Penny, Mid Caps, & Large Cap Stock

Brandon Walsh

Lead Large Cap Trader - Large Cap Day Trader and Swing Trader - Futures trader

Dave Hahn

Lead Option Trader - Specializes in options trading, swing trading options

Our team is very well diversified when it comes to trading. Our current team knowledge is strong enough to teach multiplet approaches to trading the stock market. We are here to help provide multiple avenues for learning for any and all of our Elite members.

Course Curriculum

  Option Trading Class Review
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Brandon's live mentoring sessions
Available in days
days after you enroll